Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Warm Welcome: ASICS Gel Trabuco 14

Dropped by the ASICS booth at the Singapore Expo to have a look at the Trail Running shoes they have (at 60% discount, what do we have to lose?? ok, it's just an excuse :) ).  

Was looking for a pair to help me go through 100km at The North Face 100km Thailand on 2 Feb 2013, although i have (not anymore, after this purchase) "only" two pairs of trail running shoes. :)  Well, it's always good to have more options so we try out.  I'm quite sure many will agree :)

This pair, which has a 'different' feel from my other 2 'lower to the ground' pairs, provides a more cushioned underfoot feeling, as advised by my friend, Kelvin Tung, the pro in ASICS shoes :)

This 'cushioned' feeling will be 'tested' on 2 Feb 2013 in Thailand, by my feet to see if it will be the 'weapon of choice' for the 'more exciting' Lantau 100km on 16 March 2013.

Shoe Test
Ok, the all-essential feet test is carried out next. 
A condition laid down by my feet before any purchase of shoe is to go ahead.

Upon slipping my 'sockless' feet into the Trabuco & standing, i could 'feel' what Kelvin talked about.  My, it was Soft & a tad Bouncy.  PERFECT, my feet told me :)

ASICS Gel Trabuco 14

The Outsole
The Outsole was next to go through the test.  Heel looks Great, Forefoot looks Great.  Not too aggressive/deep. Flexibility wasn't a plus point if you like something very flexible.  A tad stiff it was, but as there wasn't a trail to try at the booth (ok, wishful thinking), i hope it'd work well once it hit the trail.

Heel Counter
The Heel Counter
The Heel counter is quite firm. It provides great support for the heel, preventing sudden twisting (hopefully when running on the trail).

Other Factors
Lace Pouch
A thoughtful design.  Having this feature allows the laces to be tucked in.  Helps prevent the laces from getting caught/stuck on twigs/plants/etc.  Very useful for us sometimes-clumsy trail runners, even walkers :)

The Outsole
 Another enticing look at the not-so-aggressive Outsole

Actual Tryout on the Trail
I will try soon. (Wait, Master Yoda said "Do or Do Not.  There is No Try")
Yes, Master Yoda.  To the Trail, we must go!

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