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2013 - The Birth & Continuation of Events

As we cross the 1st half of the 1st month of 2013, we will witness the Birth of new Events in 2013.  Some, totally unheard of.  Some, built upon our past events.  

We also continue to organise the events we done in the past. Small in terms of participation numbers, but Large in terms of distance/hours/fun :)

Let's Cut to the Chase!
Quite recently, I envisioned an event which will facilitate great team bonding and bring together groups from different clubs/groups/areas (hopefully) in a fun atmosphere, yet with a tinge of competition.  This vision gave birth to the Zoom On Track - Relay Challenge.  It is a relay run (or race if you wish) where teams of up to 5 members set out to complete either 10km or 21km on a 400m track, taking turns to run 400m each.  Those doing 10km will do 25 laps whilst the 21km will have to tackle 52.5 laps.  The fastest team in each distance will win a Trophy for every member.  The inaugural Zoom On Track was held on 13 Jan 2013, Sunday at Queenstown Stadium, with the flag off at 7.15am sharp.  A total of 25 teams took part (10km - 14 teams, 21km - 11 teams).
Photo by Running Shots ("Ripley" Kelly Lim)
 Many thanks to the photographers for coming down early on a Sunday morning: "Tekko" Christopher Koh, "Sotong" Mah Win Hong, "Ripley" Kelly Lim and many others.

10km - Click HERE
21km - Click HERE

Zoom On Track Facebook - Click HERE

This will be our 3rd Edition.  To be held on 30-31 March 2013, starting from 7pm on Sat 30 March till 11am on Sun 31 March.  Participants have up to 16 hours to complete as many 10km loops as possible.  Participants can join as a team too!

Early Bird Registration Rate ends by 24 Jan 2013 11.59pm.

The shortest distance ever clocked was 5km.
The longest distance clocked (in a wheelchair) - 135km in 2011 by Hannes Koeppen
The longest distance clocked (on foot) - 130km in 2012 by Ong Kai Wei
No. of Participants who have clocked 100km & above in 2011 & 2012 - 28 (some have achieved it twice)

Website: Click HERE
Facebook: Click HERE

We're heading up North, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to bring the Singapore version of the Banana Relay to our friends there.  It will be an exciting experience as we go Bananas (Pisang in Malay) in Malaysia on 12 May 2013, 7.30am at Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil.

Facebook: Click HERE

We've been organising the Banana Relay yearly since 2008.
2008 - East Coast Park
2009 - Pasir Ris Beach Park
2010 - West Coast Park
2011 - Kallang Riverside Park
2012 - Woodlands Waterfront
2013 - Somewhere in Singapore :)

It's a very fun relay, where you don't get to choose your team members... We choose it for you :)  This way, you'll get to make new friends, which is the objective of the Banana Relay:
to promote friendship, teamwork & bonding, regardless of speed, height or gender.

Find the Bananas on Facebook: Click HERE
Website: Click HERE

We had a really Craze time in the 1st Edition of the Craze Ultra in 2012 so much so that we had to do it again on 21-22 Sep 2013, to satisfy the 'craving' of the Nuts (aka Participants).

The Nuts have up to 32 hours to complete their selected distance (100 Miles, 101km, 78km & 43km) either Solo or as a Team.  It is an out & back route, with the Start & Finish at MacRitchie Reservoir.  There are 4 different U-Turn points: Woodlands Waterfront (U-Turn for 43km), Yishun Ave 1 (U-Turn for 78km), Lor Halus Wetland & Visitor Centre (U-Turn for 101km) and Changi Beach Park (U-turn for 100 Milers).

We hope to open registration soon.  
If you want to be informed prior to the official launch of the registration, CLICK HERE

Check out more at our Website: Click HERE
Facebook page: Click HERE

It's been hibernating in my mind in the past few months.  It's gonna be one helluva Monster.  If only i can take part too!!

What a Monster of an Ultra in Singapore!!
200km. 48hours.
Are you Gutsy enough to Unleash The Monster Within?

We're also considering a Mini Monster version. 100km.

What Kind of Monster Are You?

Find out more at: Facebook Page

This is a "No Frills" type of race where participants have the chance to win cash prizes (for the top few).  Our aim was to charge reasonable fees, just enough to create a pure racing experience, where people had to pay only for the essentials, e.g. drinks & medical.  Take away all the 'luxuries', and we have set a registration fee at only $13.  The 2012 edition saw a 10km Competitive & 5km Fun Run.

In 2013, we hope to have it 1 week after the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, so we might have it on 7 Dec 2013, Saturday evening.

Stay Tuned at our Facebook Page
The "No Frills" Website: Click HERE

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