Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Eat Snake" Fatt Fatt Fatt + R.E.D. Run.Eat.Drink.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Snake, we had 2 runs with I.M.D. Running and it was great to see many friends turning out to welcome the year of the Snake, as well to burn off the many calories consumed during the festive period.

9 Feb 2013
Theme: "Eat Snake" Fatt Fatt Fatt 8.88km Run
Time: 8.08am
Distance: 8.88km
Meet at: Casuarina Road (off Upp Thomson Road)
Route: from Garmin

Everyone (or rather, most) turned up early, well before the auspicious flag off at 8.08am.  Most were dressed in Red, to add more 'luck' to the lucky run.  With a distance of 8.88km, and the flag off at 8.08am, we were definitely going be blessed for the whole 2013!!  Even Juay Seng's pram had a touch of red to it.

Had a lovely pace with Soon Meng & Darin from the start till about the 6km mark into the Upper Pierce Reservoir Park until i decided to take a breather and look out for the rest (good excuse).  Also took the opportunity to go to the loo and bumped into Anthony Sum, who was leading the training for Team Fatbirds.  Had a long chat with him before i visited the loo.  Thereafter, i ran back to the Finish line at Casuarina Road, and stopping exactly at 8.88km.  HUAT AH!!!

17 Feb 2013

Theme: R.E.D. Alert!! Run.Eat.Drink.
Time: 7.30am
Distance: 12.57km
Meet at: Blk 51 Old Airport Road (Food Centre)
Route: from Garmin
Our 2nd R.E.D.(Run.Eat.Drink.) run.  Runners (most, if not all) love to eat.  At the famous Old Airport Road Food Centre.  But we had to clock a run in before we indulge.

The weather was superbly cool, making for a refreshing run to the beautiful Gardens By The Bay, Marina Barrage, Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge, Floating Platform, F1 track, Kallang Riverside Promenade, Nicoll Highway and back to Old Airport Road.

Our run was accompanied by Chinese New Year songs, compliments of Tick Hock who had his radio with him.  You can trust him to keep all of us entertained :)

Alex Brauner, who had relocated to Vietnam, took some time off and 'found' us at the Gardens By The Bay East.  Joined us till Kallang Riverside Promenade until he had to get back to his hotel.

The original route was an out & back route to Marina Bay Sands, until someone suggested to cross over the Helix Bridge to take photos of the River Hongbao exhibition.  We took lots of photos, thanks to our photographers, Tick Hock, David, Sidyz.  And we took the shorter way back as our stomachs were appealing to us to be satisfied asap.  How could we refuse :)
Photo by Tan Tick Hock
from Left: Choon Han, Teng Hin, Alex Brauner, Sidyz See, Tick Hock, Ben Swee, Charlotte Teoh, Margaret Lim, Lawrence Chua, Joshua Lin Lu
Had a good meal with the gang before heading home to chill out for the rest of the day.

Till the next I.M.D. Run.  Have a Healthy & Fantastic New Year everyone!
Photo by David Tan

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